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The empty chair..

Its not really much to look at. A little wood & metal trim. Not even sturdy. Its counter part that I’m sitting in is creaking. Probably a testament to how old it actually is But that’s not the problem here. The problem, The issue. The stress of this chair is that.. Its fucking vacant. Empty. Nobody there & this is not the first time either… 4th? 5th? I don’t know I’ve lost count already. What I do know is I’m that shits empty & maybe.. Fuck.. Maybe I am to. It would explain a lot.

shaktilover asked:

Why not tell her?

Its not the right time for her… Love is a messy thing. Always ends up with someone being broken. I’m tired of being broken. I’m gonna wait until its right. Until I know that being broken at the end of the fall down the rabbit hole is worth it. Until I know there’s a crazy white rabbit to show me the path back home. Being in love, After all, Is no tea party

May The Force Be With, Always.

To Put It Simply, I Am A Unique Enigma & You Will Never Understand Me.
My head is the most complex labyrinth in existence. Many people have wondered into it unknowing of the danger that lies ahead & been lost forever. “Alice, In a wonderland she was never ment to survive”
I find most things funny, That others may find horrible or unbearable. Im the guy that laughs in the theaters during the SAW movies. Some of my favorite movies =)…
Ive been thru enough in my life that most people havent. My past, Is torn & tattered. Full of self inflicted pain, Mental & Psychical alike. Full of pain from other people, To be honest with you was only just this year (2012) that I started to let myself feel any emotion again, Whether it be good or bad. I lived life with all emotion off for a good 4 years. For a while there, I was enjoying the Monster I had become. It was freeing in a way. I claimed no attachment to anything. Therefore I was Truly FREE. I find Life to be an interesting topic. I find things about it puzzling. Like how, I decide to let my emotions turn back on, Just before I go into Century 16 Theaters On the night of July 19th… For a Midnight Showing of Batman, In theater 8. You do the research..
I did, At one point, Believe in this thing called “Love”… Experiences cast that thought quickly out of my head. Quickly, I was done with it. There is one person currently, Slowly, Bringing it back to me. Inch by Inch she makes me remember what it feels to Live & Love… I enjoy her company. Since 15 years old, I have been living Life, Everyday to the fullest. Because it was then that I had first experienced Loss. I knew then & there, That to live everyday like it was your last was the only way to truly live, Because after all.. You dont know when someone you love, Or you yourself will be living there last day. Be taking there last breath, Cherish it if you enjoy there company. Tomorrow they could be gone.
On The Surface, Im as simple as I choose to be. I play video games like a bad habbit, A video game junkie I call myself. Also I refer to myself as a “Thrasher” Its my style of music, Keeping the company such bands like… Blink 182, All American Rejects, Eve 6, Incubus, Paramore, Papa Roach, Rise Against, Eyes Set To Kill, Atreyu, Flyleaf, Hinder, Sum 41, Simple Plan, 3 Doors Down, Nickleback, Bush & Nirvanna & The list does go on… Im a Smart ass because its my bodys natural reaction to stupid fucking people. At least im honest. Im not religious because truly I dont give a shit & the world has made me question if whether or not, God is just a kid with an Ant farm he shakes every now & again… Im waiting for the aliens to come home.
I could tell you everything you never needed to know about Batman, Fuck, I Am Batman.
Hawkeye if were talking Marvel.
I could go on for hours but you know what, I dont have the time. You wanna get to know me? You wanna be a friend? Fine, Message Me, Add Me, Do what you will, Think what you want. I dont care. This is my Evolution. Im A Evolved. Im simply waiting for the next step.

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